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        Connectors, Fittings, Components


        Long Chain Polyamides (LCPA) & Alloys for Injection Molded Parts

        LCPA & alloys compared to PA6 or PA66:

        • Lower density
        • Higher chemical resistance (e.g. fuel, acids, ZnCl2, coolant)
        • Higher heat resistance (at iso stabilization)
        • Low moisture uptake: dimensional stability and consistent mechanical properties


        Long chain PPA compared to PA6T/6X:

        • Higher chemical resistance (e.g. flex fuel, acids, coolant)
        • Can be molded in PA12 molds (same shrinkage)
        • Low moisture uptake (dimensional stability)

        Grades for Injection Molding

        PA11 Rilsan? BMNO TLD (Datasheet US / SI) Unreinforced
        Rilsan? BMVO TL (Datasheet US / SI) Unreinforced
        Rilsan? BZM 8 OTL (Datasheet US / SI) 8% glass fibers
        Rilsan? BZM 30 Black TL (Datasheet USSI) 30% glass fibers
        PA12 Rilsamid? AMN P20 TL (Datasheet USSI) Unreinforced, plasticized
        Rilsamid? AZM 23 Black T6LD (Datasheet USSI) 23% glass fibers
        Rilsamid? AZM 30 O or Black or Green T6LD (Datasheet USSI) 30% glass fibers
        Rilsamid? ASR13 (Datasheet USSI) Conductive, carbon fibers
        PAxy (new) Rilsan? SZM 30 Black TLD (Datasheet USSI) PA610, 30% glass fibers
        Long chain
        Rilsan? HT CZM30 Black TLD (Datasheet USSI) High temperature, high chemical resistance, 30% glass fibers
        Rilsan? HT CSR13 (Datasheet USSI) High temperature, high chemical resistance, conductive, carbon fibers


        Connectors and Fitting for Automotive Applications

        Learn more about our Rilsan? Product Family Here.


        For applications requiring truly exceptional heat resistance, flame & smoke properties, and wear resistance, click here to learn more about Kepstan? PEKK resins.

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