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        Permanent Antistatic Solutions

        Specific Pebax? Polymer Grades offer permanent, non-fugitive antistatic properties in a wide array of host resins.

        Horizontal Electricity

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        Immediate & Permanent Antistatic Properties

        Certain Pebax? polymer grades offer a spectrum of antistatic and static-dissipative properties. 


        Unlike many other antistatic technologies, Pebax? antistatic polymers are permanent and non-migratory. They form an immediate, continuous non-fugitive 3D network within the host polymer structure. The result is an antistatic blend that may be colored (unlike Carbon black solutions) and is largely independent of relative ambient humidity conditions.


        Plastics Conductivity Spectrum for Pebax? Grades

        A Selection of Grades

        • Pebax? MV series based on PA12
        • Biobased Pebax? Rnew? 30R51 SA 01 based upon PA11 (Datasheet US/SI)
        • Pebax? MH series based upon PA6


        • MV1074 SA 01 (Datasheet US/SI) and MH 1657 (Datasheet US/SI) are food contact approved
        • MV1074 SA 01 MED (Datasheet US/SI) is also USP Class VI approved


        *** Note: Several proprietary grades for polyolefin modification available exclusively in North America region. Contact us for details. (see below)

        A Wide Array of Host Resin and Processing Options...

        • PE, PP
        • ABS
        • PS
        • PC blends
        • PMMA
        • Polyamides


        • Injection
        • Extrusion
        • Cast Film, Blown Film

        ...For a Wide Array of Applications

        • Storage containers
        • Copy machines
        • Clean room anti-dust surfaces
        • Medical devices
        • Electronics packaging
        • Electronics components
        • Fibers & films
        • Spray tips, nozzles
        • Automotive interior surfaces

        Careful Control of Block Copolymer Chemistry...

        Pebax? Antistatic Additives

        For many years, Arkema has been famous for their Polyether Block Amide (PEBA) chemistry. By carefully controlling the nature of the polyether blocks (that give flexibility and tailored chemical channeling abilities) and the polyamide blocks (that give toughness and chemical resistance), Arkema offers a wide range of polymers with specific and tailored antistatic properties.


        Not all Pebax? grades are antistatic in nature; only those grades whose polyether blocks are specifically chosen for their inherent ability to form continuous molecular charge diffusion channels through the matrix.

        ...At the Right Concentration

        Surface Resistance Chart

        Even at low concentrations of Pebax? antistatic additives in the host resin, a fairly high level of static dissipation is observed. This level increases as more additive is incorporated (compounded) until a steady-state saturation is achieved. At this critical concentration, a full and complete continuous static-dissipating molecular network has been achieved. 

        In Styrenics

        Perfomance of Pebax? Antistatic Grades in Styrenics

        In PMMA

        Pebax? antistatic additives for PMMA

        In Polyamides, Polyolefins

        Perfomance of Pebax? Antistatic Grades in Polyamides

        Permanent Antistatic Properties

        Permanent Antistatic Performance

        Let's Work Together

        We're here to help you make the right selection for your particular application. Contact us today. 

        Contact Our Permanent Antistatic Solutions Team

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