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        Platamid? Hot Melt Adhesives

        High efficiency long chain thermoplastic copolyamide hot melt adhesives for both woven and non-woven substrates. Plasticizer free. Also used as fusible filaments in the construction of thermoformable shoe uppers.

        Non-woven Platamid? copolyamide

        Premium Adhesion Performance

        Platamid? copolyamides are plasticizer-free thermoplastic hot melt adhesives (HMA) tailored to deliver durable, versatile, and solvent-free bonding. Platamid? holt melt adhesives are designed to address the highly demanding bonding challenges of markets such as textile interlining, technical textiles, construction, electronics, and automotive headliners.

        Also used as fusible filaments in the construction of highly advanced thermoformable sports shoe uppers.

        Eliminates seams and stitches!

        Primary Applications

        Platamid? adhesive offers resistant and durable adhesion for a variety of industrial applications including:


        • Woven and non-woven textiles: silk, wool, cotton, cellulose, polymer fibers and leather
        • Many different kinds of foam, such as TPUVersatile plastics, such as plasticized and rigid PVC, PU, ABS, Epoxy, etc.
        • Rubbers (NBR)
        • Metals
        • Non-woven web adhesives for automotive headliners
        • Fusible filaments for shoe uppers, ladies garments and mops/rollers/buffing pads



        Primary Features

        • Melting Points from 85°C to 150°C
        • Low density = light weight
        • Viscosities from 40 to 4,000 Pa.s at 150°C
        • Available as pellets or free-flowing powders
        • Highly effective on polar substrates
        • Good resistance to chemicals, hydrolysis, heat, UV
        • Excellent laundry and dry cleaning resistance
        • Short setting time = high production rates
        • Plasticizer-free
        • Outstanding specific adhesion
        • May also be solubilized in certain solvents to make solution coatings with tremendous barrier properties

        Platamid? Hot Melt Adhesive Product Recommendations

        The wide range of Platamid applications

        Download the TDS from our Materials Database

        Grades of Platamid? Hot Melt Adhesive: Melt Volume Flow Rate v. DSC Melting Point


        The wide range of Platamid? processing
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