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        Oleris? Bio-Based Esterol F

        Oleris? Esterol F is a mixture of fatty acid methyl esters in C18 processed from castor oil (FAME, VOME from castor oil) and a pour point depressant.

        Cold resistant Esterol - Suitable for uses at low temperature.


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        • CAS number: Mixture of the REACH registered substance Esterol A (98% minimum, CAS-No: 67762-38-3) and a pour point depressant
        • Chemical name: Esterol F
        • Common name: FAME from castor oil, Fatty Acid Methyl Esters in C16-18 and unsaturated in C18

        Arkema is a Founding Member of Pragati:
        The World's First Sustainable Castor Program

        The goal of the Pragati project is to enable sustainable castor crop production.

        Scroll down to learn more about Pragati!

        Key Properties

        • Readily biodegradable
        • Low pour point (< -8°C)
        • Low viscosity (9.24 mPa.s at 20°C)
        • Good oxidation resistance
        • High boiling point (>350°C): Not VOC classified
        • High flash point (>170°C)
        • 3 years shelf life
        Oleris ? Esterol F : Stearate, Oleate, Linoleate Ricinoleate, Palmitate (fatty acid methyl etser)

        Main Applications

        • Mold release agents for concrete with a vegetable origin (summer & winter)
        • Fluxing agent in bitumen
        • Viscosity regulator in metallurgy
        • Degreasing and cleaning agent
        • Additive for lubricants
        • Solvent for agrochemical preparations
        • An alternative with a vegetable oil origin for various industrial applications 
        • Natural dielectric fluid with low viscosity in transformers


        • Oleris? Esterol F has a low viscosity and good oxidation resistance
        • This mixture of natural fatty esters is appreciated by lubricant manufacturers for its high lubricity and its anti-wear properties

        Building & Construction

        • Oleris? Esterol F is readily biodegradable and has a low toxicity
        • It does not contain either glycol ether, or APEO (alkylphenolethoxylate), or aromatic compounds
        • Suitable for uses at low temperature
        • Oleris? Esterol F is not classified for human health or the environment
        • Has a high boiling temperature (>350° C): not VOC classified

        Cleaning and degreasing

        • Oleris? Esterol F shows a good solvent power and a high flash point
        • Oleris? Esterol F can be directly used for cleaning all industrial supports soiled by paints, mineral greases, and tars

        Arkema is a Founding Member of Pragati:
        The World's First Sustainable Castor Program

        Arkema, BASF, Jayant Agro-Organics, and Solidaridad are the founding members of Pragati - the world's first sustainable castor initiative. The goal of the Pragati project is to to enable sustainable castor crop production by:

        • Using good agricultural practices to increase yield and farmer income
        • Efficiently using water resources, and maintenance of soild fertility
        • Driving the a adoption of good waste management practices
        • Enabling better health and safety practices, and respecting human rights
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