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        Orgalloy? High Performance Polyamide Alloys

        Excellent solutions for high performance wire & cable jacketing and connectors.


        Best of Both Worlds

        Orgalloy? polyamide alloys combine the important physical and chemical properties of short-chain polyamides with the economic and process advantages of polyolefins. They are designed to offer improved dimensional stability, lower density and better mechanical properties than PA 6 and PA 6.6 resins. 


        Immiscible blend of Polyamide and Polyolefin.

        orgalloy-micrograph-2a copy

        Polyamide 6 or 6.6 based alloy with a dispersed polyolefin phase.

        Combination of Benefits


        Polyamide 6 or 6.6

        • Mechanical strength
        • Thermal resistance
        • Barrier performance to HCs
        • Chemical resistance to HCs



        • Easy processing
        • Moisture inertness
        • Inertness to polar solvents
        • Impact resistance


        • Low density
        • Dimensional stability
        • Constant mechanical properties after moisture recovery
        • Chemical resistance
        • Barrier properties
        • Thermal resistance
        • Compatibility with other polymers
        • Easy processing & high productivity
        Oil Rig

        Superior Barrier Properites Compared to PA 6, 6.6

        • Solvent
        • Alcohol
        • Glycol
        • Acids
        • Anti-crush insulation (foam)
        • Moisture
        • Bases
        • Hydrocarbon

        Available in extrusion and injection molding grades

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